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CF / KR cam follower, needle roller bearing

Cam followers, also known as support rollers or needle roller bearings are structural elements used to guide an object in a certain direction. Their function is to support linear motion without friction or to follow the surface of the roller. They are cylindrical in shape and are fixed to a rack or rail by a tap. It is this tap that is responsible for the proper retention of the needle roller bearing.
Cam followers are an important part of certain components, machines and equipment; they help the material being conveyed to move safely and efficiently. 
NECH cam followers are designed to withstand the intermittent shocks, loads and precision requirements of these applications.

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Total length (with tap)
17 mm - 53 mm
Tap diameter (d)
 (Ø - mm)
Ø 3 mm - Ø 16 mm
Outside diameter (D)
 (Ø - mm)
Ø 10 mm - Ø 35 mm
Roller width
7 mm - 18 mm
Thread size
Maximum speed
10 000 rpm - 29 000 rpm
Static load
100 N - 760 N
Dynamic load
180 N - 850 N