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Terms of purchase

General terms and conditions

  1. Introduction

 The following general terms and conditions apply to purchases and orders placed through this website in full compliance with the legislation in force. To ensure that you are aware of the terms and conditions of delivery, ordering and the operation of the website in relation to the goods you are purchasing, please read the following carefully.

 The terms and conditions of purchase and all other information relating to your purchase are written in Hungarian and the primary language used on the site is Hungarian. The webshop does not refer to a code of conduct in its terms and conditions.

 The seller of the products in the webshop is Next Evolution Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság, abbreviated as Next Evolution Kft..


Details of the seller:

Address: Széchenyi István utca 44., 2100 Gödöllő, Hungary

EU tax number (VAT): HU25158416
Company registration number: 13-09-206327
Phone: +36 (70) 244 8863
E-mail: next (at) nextevolution (.) en
European Unique Identifier: HUOCCSZ.01-09-203212


Bank details:

K&H Bank (HUF)
IBAN: HU07 1040 1110 5052 6774 4855 1009

TransferWise Europe SA (EUR)
IBAN: BE37 9670 6499 6228

Registered in 2015 by the Company Court of the Metropolitan Court of Budapest / Nádor u. 28., 1051 Budapest, Hungary

  2. Information on the conditions for concluding a contract

 The operator of - Next Evolution Kft. - carries out commercial activities on the website. The placing of an order in the webshop is a contract between remote parties and constitutes the buyer's intention to make an offer. The order is considered a written contract between the parties with the confirmation from the webshop, which is not automatic. The language of the original contract is Hungarian. The display or translation of the terms and conditions in other languages is for ease of comprehension only. In the event of any discrepancy in translation, the original Hungarian text shall prevail.

 The contracts concluded are not compulsorily registered. Previous orders are retrievable and accessible for registered users.


  3. Choosing the products


 Visitors to the online shop have the possibility to choose and place an order for the products in the online shop, or to purchase them on the basis of an offer for any specific product request.

 By clicking on the product selected, the visitor can view its detailed description, parameters and description. If the visitor wishes to purchase, he/she can place the products he/she wishes to buy in a virtual basket by clicking on the "Add to basket" button. By clicking on the "View" button of the basket, you will find the products added to the basket during your visit, as well as the total amount of the invoice and the possible shipping costs.

 You can check the contents of the virtual shopping basket, in particular the prices and quantities, which can be modified and corrected here as required. The shopping basket will automatically recalculate the total amount of the order.


  4. Sending the order


 If the type, parameters and quantity of the products in your shopping cart are correct, you have checked the total amount to be paid and you have decided to purchase the products in your cart, simply click on the "Checkout" button.

 In our store you can also shop without registering, so you have three options to choose from:

- If you are a previously registered customer (your previously placed orders can be retrieved)

- Register as a new customer (You do not need to re-enter your details next time)

- Would like to shop without registering (In this case, you will not be able to view your order history and take advantage of our discounts and offers for registered customers.)


 If you have already made a purchase in our store, please use the e-mail address and password you previously provided during registration. If you want to register as a new customer, please enter your shopping details, which will be stored in the system and you will only need to log in the next time you shop. For purchases without registration, please enter your billing and shipping address and tax number.


 In the next step, choose the pick-up/delivery method that suits you:

- Home delivery (GLS courier) or "Delivery by courier - Europe" for delivery outside Hungary.

- Pick-up in person at our customer service (at a pre-arranged time)


 After selecting the delivery method, you will need to choose a payment method that suits you.


  5. Payment terms


 In our store you can pay by bank transfer, credit card or cash. In the latter two cases, the full purchase price, including delivery costs, must be paid in cash to the delivery person on receipt of the consignment.

- Online Credit Card Payment - Online credit card payments are made through Stripe's electronic payment processing system. At the end of the checkout process, you will be redirected to Stripe's secure payment guarantee page, where you will first be asked to enter your card details (card number, card name, expiry date (month/year), CVC code). Once you have entered your card details, you can click on the "pay" button to start the transaction. Accepted credit cards.

- Pre-payment - After placing your order, your order will be placed on "pending status". We will send you an invoice/proforma invoice for the products ordered, please quote the serial number as a reference when making the bank transfer. As soon as we receive the transferred amount in our bank account, your order will be activated and we will send you all necessary information by e-mail.)

- Cash on delivery - Cash or credit card payment for home delivery to the GLS courier staff or at the GLS ParcelPoint on receipt of the shipment. You should check the availability of credit card payment in advance. The fee for cash on delivery is HUF 690 (HUF 543 + VAT). This payment method only available in Hungary!

- Cash - You can pay for the ordered products in person at our office, but we can only accept payment by prior arrangement.

- Bank transfer - A payment method reserved for our contracted partners, for payment of goods by bank transfer.


 If you agree with the contents of the order, click on the "Place order" button to send the order.

(You can only finalise an order for an amount over HUF 5 000 net.)


  6. Prices


 The primary currency used in our online store is the Hungarian Forint (HUF / Ft), but we also offer the possibility to pay in Euro (EUR / €), but as the primary currency and the exchange rates of other currencies are constantly changing, the prices of products and related services are also constantly changing - depending on the exchange rate changes - and the pricing of our store dynamically tracks this.

 As our customers are legal entities, the prices indicated in the larger font size in the first instance are net prices, next to which we indicate the gross (27%) VAT payable prices. For legal entities operating with a valid tax number in the EU and goods to be sent to an EU member state other than Hungary, VAT 0% (EUT) will be indicated during the checkout process.

 Our prices are the list prices at the time of ordering, which you will find next to the products in the webshop. These prices do not include delivery costs.

 The calculation of the shipping cost is included in the checkout process before finalising the order and also in the Terms and Conditions of Purchase. In the event of any error or omission in the operation of the webshop, we reserve the right to correct any errors or omissions in prices or products. We will inform the buyer of the new details immediately after the error is detected or corrected. The buyer may then confirm the order once again or both parties may withdraw from the contract without giving any other reason.


  7. Processing orders


 Orders received will be processed within 48 hours at the latest. If you do not receive confirmation of this, please contact us as soon as possible.


   8. Possibility to correct data entry errors


 All options to correct data entry errors are available before pressing the "Order" button.


  9. Confirmation


 All orders will be confirmed by e-mail. After placing your order, you will receive an automatic email confirming the receipt of your order and (later) a manually triggered message with stock information or expected delivery date. To make an appointment by telephone, please call our central telephone number or any of the telephone numbers provided in the e-mail.


  10. Transport


 In most cases, the delivery of the ordered items will be carried out by GLS courier service - in case of discrepancies, we will inform you in advance. The expected delivery time of the product will be explained by the online shop during the checkout process and will be included in the confirmation e-mail. As we ensure the availability of our product portfolio with several suppliers and the current availability/in stock information is not always based on immediate data, the delivery time for out-of-stock products is calculated by the system according to the average estimated time of arrival. Less or more time may be needed to complete your order! You can arrange a delivery time by calling the phone number in the confirmation e-mail.


Delivery charges:

Our delivery charges are uniform throughout Hungary and are calculated based on the total amount of the order.


Gross from HUF 5 000 to HUF 100 000
2 985 Ft (2 350 Ft + VAT)

Over 100 000 Ft
The total shipping costs are covered by our company.


Delivery outside Hungary regardless of the order amount is as follows, VAT content 0% (EUT):

Europe Zone 1 / Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia
7 490 Ft

Europe Zone 2 / Poland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
9 990 Ft

Europe Zone 3 / Denmark, France, Italy, Monaco, Monaco, United Kingdom
11 990 Ft

Europe Zone 4 / Poland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
16 990 Ft

For other countries not listed please contact us.


  11. Withdrawal from delivery


 If the webshop fails to fulfil its contractual obligation because the goods specified in the contract are not available, it is obliged to inform the customer of this. The online shop does not conclude contracts with minors. By accepting the terms and conditions of sale, the customer declares that he is of legal age.


  12. Return of the product


 The product will only be returned in its original condition and packaging, in a quantity and quality that is not defective.


  13. Ownership clause


 The goods ordered remain the property of the supplier until full payment of the purchase price.


  14. Amendment, cancellation of an order


 Pursuant to Act CVIII of 2001, when an order is placed, the software of our webshop immediately notifies the customer of the fact that the order has been placed. This notification does not constitute a contract between the seller and the customer, but merely indicates to the customer that his/her order has been registered by our system and forwarded to the relevant member of the seller's staff.

 If no formal confirmation e-mail is received by the buyer within 48 hours, the buyer's bidding obligations will be terminated.

 The seller will give the buyer the opportunity to cancel his order electronically until the order is fulfilled. Once the order has started to be fulfilled, the buyer shall be informed by e-mail and/or by telephone of the expected time of fulfilment and the fact that fulfilment has started. After that, it will only be possible to cancel the order via one of the contact details in the "Contact" section.

 Subsequent changes to the order can only be made in writing by e-mail.


  15. Warranty, guarantee, guarantee


 Only new products under warranty can be purchased in the shop. The warranty can be claimed within the warranty period by presenting the original invoice or a copy thereof to our company or, for certain special products, to the service centres designated by the manufacturer. Warranty liability is governed by the provisions of the Civil Code and Government Decree 117/1991 (IX.10). Any other guarantees, warranties and their duration are indicated in the product type, product description or in the offer.

 The purchaser may request the replacement of the goods only if they are undoubtedly and demonstrably defective. The Seller does not give any guarantee for defects resulting from improper use.


  16. Right of withdrawal / return guarantee


 The Consumer has the right to withdraw from the purchase within 30 calendar days of the purchase, pursuant to Government Decree 17/1999 (II. 5.). In this case, the Customer shall be responsible for returning the goods free of defects and damage and shall bear the costs incurred. In this case, the Seller shall return the purchase price to the Buyer no later than 30 days after the return of the goods. The method of reimbursement shall depend primarily on the payment method used.

 If the goods returned under the right of withdrawal are not in a perfect, resaleable condition, the Customer shall be liable for damages if the deterioration, destruction or other impossibility of returning the goods was caused by the Customer intentionally or negligently. If the goods returned to the Seller are defective or damaged, the Seller shall not be obliged to refund the purchase price of such goods to the Buyer.

 If the goods are opened in the presence of the person who delivered them (courier) and it is found that they are damaged and the damage occurred before the goods were received, in this case the goods will be returned, the sale will be cancelled and, if necessary, the goods will be replaced immediately. Damage of any kind, lack of contents must be included in the report of facts between the consignee and the consignee at the time of delivery of the consignment! We cannot be held responsible for any subsequent lack of content or damage.


 You can download the text of Government Decree 17/1999 on the exercise of the right of withdrawal from the website of the National Consumer Protection Authority.

The right of withdrawal applies only to Users who are considered as Consumers under the Civil Code. The right of withdrawal does not apply to legal entities, companies, i.e. persons acting in the course of their profession, self-employed occupation or business activity. In this case, the exercise of the right of withdrawal is a matter for our company.


 Any dispute will be settled primarily on the basis of the Pest County Conciliation Board or the guidelines of the Online Dispute Resolution Platform ( If these are unsuccessful, the Parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the Gödöllő District Court.


  17. Content of the webshop


 The images used in the online shop are for illustrative purposes and for easy identification. We cannot accept any complaints or liability for any discrepancy between the images used for products and the product supplied.

 All images, text and other content on the webshop are the exclusive property of Next Evolution Kft.. Any unauthorised use of the content will result in legal consequences.


 If you have any questions about this document, you can contact us by e-mail or by phone at any of our contact details.