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Depending on the complexity of a pneumatic system, it can be made up of many components, so it is important to know your system, to be aware of its weaknesses and to know which ones need special attention and improvement. But what are the basic weaknesses of a pneumatic system?

Shock absorbers play a vital role in maintaining the smooth, long-term, safe operation of industrial machinery. In this article, we will dive into the operation of shock absorbers and the benefits of their use in industrial machinery, and try to help you consider the parameters you need to take into account.

As energy prices rise, most people, like industry, are trying to rationalise their energy use. While in our homes we can simply choose to be more careful not to light up rooms where we are not present, industrial players can reduce their energy use by other means. In this article, we look at the energy-efficient operation of pneumatic systems.

Maintenance and proper servicing of pneumatic systems, as with all systems, is essential to keep them working. In order to avoid unnecessary downtime, premature wear, accidents and unplanned replacement of system components; a few important steps need to be taken.

When people think of energy, the vast majority probably think of electricity. Although electrical energy can be extremely dangerous, the release of many other types of energy can also cause accidents and injuries. The purpose of the lockout tagout procedure is to prevent injury or death resulting from a sudden release of energy.

What is hazardous energy? Electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, chemical, thermal or other sources of energy in various types of machinery and equipment can put workers at risk. Workers who maintain or service machinery or equipment can be injured if hazardous energy is not properly controlled during repairs.

Creating a safe working environment is not only up to employers, but also to workers. Not only must standards be set, they must also be monitored. Workers have a right to expect that the workplace is safe and that they return home safe and sound at the end of their working day.

What is an interchangeable product? Interchangeable products in industry are commercial goods that can be used to replace a previously used product without any redesign or machine modification. They are identical to the original part in terms of size, function, fixing, input and output connections.

The LOTO security padlock is similar in appearance to ordinary civil padlocks, but there are several differences between the LOTO security padlock and the ordinary civil padlock. Security padlocks are usually made of ABS engineering plastic, while civil padlocks are in most cases made of metal. The main purpose of security padlocks is to warn and not to prevent theft, whereas the main purpose of ordinary padlocks is to prevent theft or break-in of a locked device.

LOTO (Lockout/Tagout) covers safety exclusion devices and the exclusion systems that can be built from them. In industrial, manufacturing, processing or laboratory environments, LOTO devices are essential to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and guidelines.