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Angular gripper / MHC2 series

MHC2 pneumatic angular gripper cylinder.
The MHC2 pneumatic angle gripper can open and close gripper jaws by radial movement around its central pivot point. It is often used when workpiece manipulation in confined spaces is required.
This type of pneumatic angle gripper is recommended for gripping off-centre objects or for applications where a wider opening is required for gripping but full opening is not warranted.
To minimise the impact on the gripper at the end of the strokes, it is recommended that gripping jaws of minimum inertia, preferably the lightest and shortest possible, are used. The use of flow control valves can reduce the rotational speed and the force of the impact at the end points.
In most cases, manufacturers market their grippers with different type designations. NECH MHC2 angle clamps can be used, among others, as a replacement for radial clamps with the following type designation:
MHC2 | HFY | MHFY | PA3 | 6301 | GR04.123

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Type of grip
Bore diameter
10 mm - 25 mm
Gripper finger