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LOTO padlock, hasp

The most commonly used devices in LOTO systems are LOTO padlocks and manifolds, which help to warn that machinery and equipment has been shut down for repair or inspection. LOTO padlocks are used in conjunction with main lockouts and LOTO labels, which are also brightly coloured to attract attention. They help prevent other workers from accidentally starting up machinery or equipment being serviced or maintained while others are working on it. As the use of LOTO padlocks and manifolds is the basis of LOTO systems, they are available in a wide range of variations to suit job specifications. LOTO padlocks are available from NECH Occupational Health and Safety; - Various housing and stirrup materials: steel or stainless steel, aluminium or plastic, - In different and easily distinguishable housing designs, - Normal, long, short, extra short or thin stirrups, - Available in 8 colour options, - With copper or zinc alloy locking mechanism, - With up to 50 000 different key combinations depending on the lock design and requirements to avoid duplication. NECH's LOTO hasps are available; - In different sizes, - Different materials, - Available in a choice of colours, - Optional materials, - Different, task-specific designs. You're sure to find the right LOTO padlock in our range, but if you need advice, we're here to help.