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Rotary actuator, rotary table, pneumatic rotary cylinder

Pneumatic rotators use air pressure to drive a rotating shaft. The two main types of pneumatic rotary actuators are the rack and pinion and the rotary vane (actuator) type.
In a rack and pinion rotary actuator, the torque is created between a gear and a pinion cylinder, which is balanced by air pressure. The advantages of a gear and pinion slewing gear are high torque, precise angular positioning and long service life, while the disadvantages are relatively high noise levels.
In rotary actuator turning gears, the air pressure is supplied to a vane wheel, which is guided in a housing. The paddle wheel rotates the shaft to which it is attached. The advantages of rotary vane turning gears are small size, quiet operation and low price, while the disadvantages are low torque, inaccurate angular positioning and short life compared to geared rotary gears.
Pneumatic rotary actuators are widely used in industry to drive and move robots, machines, tools and valves.

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