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Lockout kit, group lockout box

The LOTO kits provide the most necessary LOTO devices in portable form for maintenance personnel or teams operating in the permanent operational area, as well as ensuring their safety for users who mostly work in an off-site location and who cannot know in advance exactly what kind of work area they will be working in, what kind of LOTO devices will be needed in that location to guarantee their safety and to safely exclude energy sources in the area.
Most LOTO kits are not selected according to the specifications of a particular site, so they contain a wide variety of LOTO devices, most of which are universal and can be used in a wide range of sizes.
Most LOTO kits can be used in general areas. All LOTO kits contain a LOTO padlock, a collection lock (padlock multiplier), a circuit breaker and/or circuit breaker excluder and LOTO identification cards. Activity specific and extended LOTO kits also include valve and ball valve lockouts, cable lockouts.

The group lockout boxes ensure that, even when several persons, equipment and energy sources are present during the work process, accidents due to accidental machine start-up are avoided. Each member of the work team shall mark the lock-out box with his or her own identification and place the keys used for lockouts in the group lockout box during lockout. The group lockout box is locked by the supervisor with his/her own padlock, whose lockout and padlock keys - access to energy sources - are only issued after the inspection and approval of the restart.