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Lockout Tagout (LOTO) is a safety method whereby appropriate locks and tags are placed on energy-using devices according to a defined procedure to ensure that the equipment using the energy source cannot be put into operation after the energy has been disconnected. LOTO exclusion devices prevent the operation of machines and systems that are accidentally started in work areas, which is essential for the safety of workers and the health of workers in all companies operating machinery and equipment in the 21st century, in accordance with the relevant standard for the safety of workers: Safety of machinery. Safety of machinery - Prevention of unintended start-up (ISO 14118:2017)

But how do we apply it?

Once equipment with hazardous energy sources has been properly identified and the service procedures to be carried out have been documented, the following steps should be taken before maintenance activities are carried out - i.e. the 7 steps of Lockout Tagout:

Prepare for Shutdown.
Prepare for Lockout Tagout.
Shut down all equipment.
Disconnect the equipment from the power source.
Disconnect all equipment and shut down all power sources.
Apply the appropriate LOTO devices.
Verify that the equipment is properly isolated from energy.
Following these steps will ensure proper and safe lockout and avoid accidents.

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