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Parallel gripper / MHZ2 series

MHZ2 interchangeable pneumatic parallel gripper cylinders with linear guidance.
The fingers of the parallel gripper move in a straight line towards the centre or edge of the part, their position being perfectly parallel to each other, which remains so throughout the production operation, during all opening and closing movements of the gripper. Parallel grippers are generally used in pick-and-place operations where the workpieces have a predictable geometry.
The NECH MHZ2 series is available in a variety of sizes and parameters to suit as many applications as possible. Its narrow opening design makes it suitable for handling and manipulating workpieces with high precision.
To minimise shocks during opening and closing, the use of choke valves is recommended to help reduce unnecessary shocks.
Different manufacturers market their parallel grippers with different type designations.
The NECH MHZ2 parallel grippers can be used, among other things, as a replacement for grippers marked with the following type designation:
MHZ2 | P5GD | FKHQ | HFK | JHZ2 | MHFK | 6310 | GR04.122

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Type of grip
Bore diameter
10 mm - 40 mm
Gripper finger