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Flow control regulator valve

The flow control valves, flow control regulators are able to adjust the flow rate of compressed air, allowing you to control the pressure for each system element separately. The flow control valves can be rotated after installation to allow the direction of the piping to be changed. In-line flow regulators are easy to add to existing systems, lightweight and compact. The use of flow control regulator valves can greatly increase the life of connected working cylinders and other pneumatic system components, reduce costs by extending the replacement interval, and allow the work to be carried out more safely with reduced pressure.
Their use is recommended for all pneumatic systems.

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Tube connection
 (Ø - mm)
Ø 4 mm - Ø 8 mm
Tube connection (2.)
 (Ø - mm)
Ø 4 mm - Ø 8 mm
Thread size