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About us

We deal with industrial distribution - the purchase and sale of general and specialised goods. Our range of products and related services are primarily aimed at supporting purchasing and maintenance staff. Since our company was founded in 2015, we have been considered a strategic partner by several national and international manufacturing companies.
We help our customers in various industrial segments to improve the performance of their processes, reduce their investment and maintenance costs, and avoid accidents in the workplace.
We are developing our Next Evolution - Industrial Parts webshop in the same spirit, in line with the requirements of our times. The product portfolio is designed for industrial users according to the following criteria:
- We make available an ever-expanding range of products developed in cooperation with our partners,
- We support the sourcing of quality products from globally recognised premium manufacturers,
- The ability to order NECH products for industrial use, from reliable and verified sources, in just a few clicks,
- Product identification should be clear and quickly accessible,
- Inventory to assist in quick problem resolution and emergency troubleshooting,
- Help industrial facilities reduce costs associated with indirect product purchases.

Next Evolution - Industrial compoments webshop offers you fast and cost-effective help:

- Pneumatics (cylinders, grippers, fittings and connectors),
- Occupational health and safety LOTO equipment (padlocks, manifolds, excluders),
- Linear motion (bearings, slides, guides),
- Visual inspection equipment (industrial magnifiers, magnifying lamps),
- Industrial automation (PLCs, CPUs, inverters, displays, power supplies),
and the purchase of industrial parts that are out of stock.

We choose the manufacturers we represent primarily on the basis of the quality, reliability, price/performance ratio and demand from our partners. Our product range, international and domestic supplier relationships enable us to provide solutions to most of the needs that arise.
We have achieved outstanding results in replacing the products we have used so far, and we would like to promote the benefits of these products to a wider audience through our webshop.
Under the NECH (NEXT CHOICE!) brand, we offer tested, proven, high quality replacement products with outstanding savings potential in maintenance materials and excellent value for money.
The NECH portfolio is currently composed of replaceable cylinders, rollers, connectors, valves, LOTO devices and linear units, but the range of devices sold is constantly expanding.

Try our NECH / NEXT CHIOCE! products and compare them with the products you currently use.

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If you are interested in more than one product, but the order unit or product availability is not the most suitable for you, please contact us. We will try to find a favourable solution in the form of an individual offer.


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