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The pneumatic gripper allows the workpieces to be gripped and held. It functions practically as a robot handpiece. The grippers can move, insert, stack or guide parts as required by the production process. 
Pneumatic grippers can be used to manipulate both small and large objects, so grippers can vary in terms of the size of the opening, the amount of force applied and the shape of the surfaces to be gripped. The jaws and fingers of a gripper are usually custom tools developed specifically to grip and manipulate the target.
Pneumatic grippers are in most cases designed for dual operation, so that they can be opened and closed by compressed air, and can be used for both internal and external gripping. Dual-acting pneumatic grippers have a spring-assist function to hold the workpiece in the event of loss of air pressure.
The NECH pneumatic grippers have high repeatability, compact design and high gripping force.

Type of grip
Bore diameter
8 mm - 125 mm
Gripper finger