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Safety padlock

One of our most commonly used LOTO tools is the LOTO padlock, which is adapted to the foreclosure circumstances. This can be selected from a variety of materials and properties depending on the specifics of the site and the nature of the task.
For applications in damp, wet conditions, the LOTO padlock should be made of non-corrosive, non-corrodible materials, where there is even a small risk of electric shock, non-conductive, insulated LOTO padlocks will be required.
Nowadays, thanks to advanced LOTO systems, LOTO padlocks can give clear signals to the user based on the colour, shape or material of the padlock.
NECH LOTO padlocks are available;
- Different housing and stirrup materials: steel or stainless steel, aluminium or plastic,
- Different and easily distinguishable housing designs,
- Normal, long, short, extra short or thin stirrups,
- Available in 8 colour options,
- With copper or zinc alloy locking mechanism,
- With up to 50 000 different key combinations depending on the lock design and requirements,
- Master keys or even multi-level master keys.
If you use or plan to use a different LOTO system for your LOTO padlocks than the key system, please send us your request for a quote. Please include your details in the request for quotation:
- Key system design and concept (different key system, same key system, same key system with master key, different key system with master key or mixed system),
- The colour, material or shape composition of the LOTO padlocks in the system,
- stirrup length, material,
- The intended quantity of LOTO padlocks to be used in the LOTO system.
If you need advice or other information, please contact us.

Padlock housing material
Padlock shackle material
Shackle height
20 mm - 76 mm
Clamp diameter
3.2 mm - 9 mm
Key system