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Lockout hasp

By using lockout hasps -  also known as padlock duplicators - we can provide several levels of security. When several maintenance or maintenance teams are working at the same time, the use of manifolds is highly recommended, but you can also lock the different power sources of the machine to avoid accidental machine start-up.
Restarting a locked-out machine using the manifolds is only possible once all participants have completed their task and removed their own LOTO padlocks - thus approving the machine's commissioning.
LOTO hasps and padlock rewinders are available;
- In different sizes to suit the job,
- Various materials; steel, aluminium, non-conductive plastic, non-conductive plastic coated steel or stainless steel,
- Various, task specific designs,
- Also available in a choice of colours for most types.

Clamp diameter
Number of padlocks
3 pc - 24 pc