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What is a cookie?
Cookies are small data files that are stored by the browser on the user's device when requested by the website. Some cookies are temporary and disappear when the browser is closed, some remain on the device for longer periods.
Some of the cookies we use are important to the proper functioning of the site, while others collect information about your use of the site and help make our website more convenient, faster and more useful.
Cookies are supported by most browsers, but users can set their browser to reject certain types of cookies, or users can delete cookies from their device at any time.
It is important to note that cookies used on our site do not remember any identifiers or passwords. Our visitors can safely visit our website if they accept cookies.
What cookies do we use?
  • To make the site easier to navigate and use and to increase the loading speed by recording your preferences and usage patterns.
  • Cookies to collect usage and statistics to improve the user experience. This allows us to improve the user experience when you visit our website again.
The above may include:
  • Session cookies: which are automatically deleted at the end of the session or when you close the browser.
  • Usage cookies: for example, cookies that increase the page load speed.
  • Statistical support cookies: which help us to collect information about our visitors' usage patterns. Which pages the visitor viewed, how many pages they visited, which part of the page they clicked on, how long each session took, possible error messages. This is done in order to improve our website, features and product range according to the needs of our visitors.
Our website uses cookies from third parties, such as Google, for statistical purposes.
All information is stored anonymously and used to anonymously analyse the browsing habits of our visitors.
How can cookies be refused or deleted?
Most web browsers currently in use automatically enable cookies by default. This setting can be changed to prevent automatic acceptance of cookies in the future, so if you do not wish to allow cookies, you will need to delete or block them yourself.
Please note that if you refuse the use of cookies, you will still be able to visit our website, but we cannot guarantee you the proper usability of the features. Our website may not function properly.
If you do not delete or reject the cookies that you receive when you visit our website, you agree to allow us to place them on the device you use.
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