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COBL480V clamp-on breaker lockout
COBL480V clamp-on breaker lockout
3 750 Ft (Excl. VAT)

COBL480V clamp-on breaker lockout

NECH COBL480V Clamp-on LOTO circuit breaker lockout, made of polypropylene and impact resistant modified polyamide.

- No tools are needed to disconnect the circuit breaker
- Latches can be locked out with most LOTO padlocks with conventional shackle thickness (less than 7 mm shackle diameter)
- The clamps on the circuit breaker can be removed, thus extending the range of circuit breakers on which it can be used
- It is universal, suitable for most European types of circuit breakers. New improved design provides a tighter grip

Suitable for the following switch stem widths and electrical voltages:
COBL277: ≤18 mm / 120 - 277V
COBL480: ≤42 mm / 480 - 600V
COBL480: ≤72 mm / 480 - 600V


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3 750 Ft (Excl. VAT)
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