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LSC78 LOTO open lockout station
LSC78 LOTO open lockout station
159 900 Ft (Excl. VAT)

LSC78 LOTO open lockout station

NECH LSC78 Open Lockout Station.

- Size: 1220 mm x 800 mm
- 10 pc LOTO padlock hanging
- 3 pc LOTO lockout tag hanger
- 5 pc LOTO lockout hasp hanger
- 1 pc plastic change holder
- 5 pc different sizes of LOTO valve excluder
- Circuit-breaker exclusion locations
- Pneumatic lockout holder

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159 900 Ft (Excl. VAT)
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Additional product information
Only station without internal equipment. Exclusion devices are not included in the LOTO station.
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