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LSYP16 LOTO station
LSYP16 LOTO station
135 900 Ft (Excl. VAT)

LSYP16 LOTO station

LSYP16 LOTO station
LSYP16 LOTO station
LSYP16 LOTO station
LSYP16 LOTO station

NECH LSYP16 LOTO lockout station.

It is also suitable for covering the foreclosure needs of larger factories and businesses.

Made of yellow technical plastic with a lockable clear polycarbonate lid.

2-piece, wall-mountable design. Can be placed either side by side or underneath each other.

When mounted one under the other, the dimensions are 574 x 680 x 108 mm (Width x Height x Depth).

The design of the larger storage compartment is suitable:
- 8 pcs LOTO padlock and HASP hangers, storage for up to 2 LOTO padlocks per seat.
- A self-contained enclosed storage compartment for the storage of a ball valve or valve lockout, cable lockout, circuit breaker lockout or any other small to medium sized LOTO lockout devices.
The 2 storage compartments with clear polycarbonate lids are suitable for smaller sizes:
- At the bottom of the LOTO station, there are 4 LOTO padlocks and HASP hooks, with space for up to 2 LOTO padlocks per space.
- For storing circuit breaker lockouts or other small LOTO devices.

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135 900 Ft (Excl. VAT)
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Additional product information
Only station without internal equipment. Exclusion devices are not included in the LOTO station.
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