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PL38NDP-O Nylon shackle dust-proof safety padlock - orange
PL38NDP-O Nylon shackle dust-proof safety padlock - orange
3 930 Ft (Excl. VAT)

PL38NDP-O Nylon shackle dust-proof safety padlock - orange

NECH PL38NDP-O Nylon shackle dust-proof safety padlock in orange color.
The shackle and the key are designed for dust-proof that are suitable for the use of dusty environment.

- PA (polyamide) plastic UV and heat resistant (-57°C - + 177°C heat resistant) non-conductive housing
- Shackle diameter: 6 mm
- Shackle height: 38 mm
- Shackle inner width: 20 mm
- With key locking function, which prevents the key from being removed from the open padlock
Available for order
If out of stock, the expected delivery time is 2-6 working weeks
3 930 Ft (Excl. VAT)
Padlock housing material
Padlock shackle material
Shackle height
38 mm
Clamp diameter
6 mm
Key system
Keyed differ system (KD)
Article No.
Additional product information

The LOTO padlock is delivered with the fastest available padlock body type. If you would like to select the padlock body, please contact us.
The padlocks that can be ordered in our webshop cannot be opened with a master key, i.e. they are "Keyed Different" (KD) versions which are not open other padlock's keys. It is also not possible to order and use a master key for these padlocks later. If you need a single key/identical key padlock or a multi-level security key system, please contact us.
For more information on LOTO padlock key systems, please contact us.
In addition to the given options, it is also possible to personalise your padlocks (custom labels, engraving). Please contact us for your individual ideas.

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